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Oil-Dri® Product Catalog.


Oil-Dri® U.S. Granular MSDS
Item numbers: I06040-G50, I01040-G50, I05090-G40, I01050-G40, I01008-G78, I01140-G50, I01150-G40, I05000-G60, I08060-G84
Oil-Dri® Canadian Granular MSDS
(English Version) Item number:
Oil-Dri® Canadian Granular MSDS
(French Version) Item number:
Oil-Dri® Polyethylene MSDS
Item numbers: All Universal Pads & Rolls, All Oil Only Pads, Rolls, Socks & Boom, Haz Mat Pads
Oil-Dri® Sweeping Compound MSDS
Item numbers: L91050, L91025

Granular Product Data Sheets:

Oil-Dri® Premium Granular
Item numbers: I01040, I01050, I06040, I05090, I01008
Oil-Dri® Quick-Sorb™ Granular
Item numbers: I05000, I05025

Universal Product Data Sheets:

Universal Pads
Item numbers: L90902, L90907, L90908, L91001, L91005, L91003
Universal Rolls
Item numbers: L90900, L90903, L90535, L90536, L90901, L90540, L91006, L91002, L91004, L90514
Camoufflage Roll
Item numbers: L90822
Universal Drip Pan & Pillows
Item numbers: L90615, L90612, L90610, L90919
Universal Socks
Item numbers: L90890, L90790, L90934, L90936, L90792
Poly Backed Rug & Garage Guard
Item numbers: L90695, L90696, L90793, L90691
Professional Absorbent Pads
Item numbers: L90908

Oil OnlyProduct Data Sheets:

Oil Only Pads
Item numbers: L90850, L90852, L90853, L90904, L90851, L90856, L90812, L9081, L90918
Oil Only Rolls
Item numbers: L90780, L90783, L90781, L90782, L90814, L90664, L90813, L90918
Oil Only Poly Socks
Item numbers: L90898, L90897
Oil Only Bilge & Boom
Item numbers: L90855, L90857, L90909, L90809, L90858, L90866

Spill Kit Product Data Sheets:

Compact Spill Kits
Item numbers: L90671, L90698, L90425, L90430, L90435, L90688
20 Gallon Spill Kits
Item numbers:  L90410, L90410R, L90942, L90942R, L90894, L90894R
65 Gallon Spill Kits
Item numbers: L90965, L90865, L90765
95 Gallon Spill Kits
Item numbers: L90667, L90667R, L90943, L90943R, L90415, L90415R

Haz Mat Product Data Sheets:

Haz Mat Pads
Item numbers: : L90834
Haz Mat Socks & Pillow
Item numbers: L90891, L90836, L90895

Resorb Product Data Sheets:

Resorb Pads & Rolls
Item numbers: : L92902, L92001, L92901, L92002, L92904, L92850, L92871, L92780
Resorb Spill Kits
Item numbers: L92417, L92435


Sweeping Compound Product Data Sheet:

Oil-Dri® Sweeping Compound
Item numbers: L91050, L91025