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Haz Mat Socks & Pillows...

Haz Mat Socks & Pillows can be used to contain fluid leaks and prevent spills from spreading on the floor. They conform to fit snugly in tight spaces and around corners. Socks will absorb up to 1 quart of fluid per 12 inches of product. They are available in various lengths and are designed tough enough to handle caustic fluids such as acids & bases without falling apart. Pillows are ideal for absorbing steady streams of fluid.

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All Items Ship From Oil-Dri Alpharetta, GA.

Pads/ Socks & Pillows / Spill Kits
L90891 Haz Mat Sock
Chemically Inert Polypropylene Filling

3" x 48"

12 Socks / Box
L90895 Haz Mat Pillow
Chemically Inert Polypropylene Filling
14"L x 16"W x 2"H 14 Pillows/ Box